Put a birdhouse in the garden and help our feathered friends

Put a birdhouse in the garden and help our feathered friends

The decline in the number of birds seen in British gardens could be stemmed if they have regular food supplies.. so put up a birdhouse and do you bit for nature

Cricket Pavilion wooden birdhouse by Lindleywood, £59

They Might Be Giants sang about making a little birdhouse in your soul..well put one in the garden and help keep British birds fed and watered. This de-luxue Cricket Pavilion birdhouse is by UK makers Lindleywood, £59. 

If you own house is simply divine, why not turn your attention to the accommodation/restaurant facilities for the feathered friends that flutter into your garden?

If they seem to be finding it hard to get hold of worms, which, after all, are reluctant to surface, put up a birdhouse or bird feeder and do your bit to halt the decline in the number of species at large in UK.

RSPB  research suggests numbers of house sparrows and bullfinches, for example, have dropped by 17 per cent and 20 per cent respectively, but it says those populations can recover if more of us provide food for birds, which do suffer in cold, wet winters.

Make your own birdhouse arbour in your garden ..a great DIY project. Find simple birdhouses at B&Q or Homebase and group them together on a platform
New to the UK, recyclable plastic Tweet Tweet Home birdhouses, £14.95 www.thediscoverystore.co.uk
Wolfgang Hints' PI:P birdhouse is made from plastic and resembles a spaceship. Oval openings act as landing fields. By German brand Koziol, www.redcandy.co.uk, £30.80
Nido stainless steel bird feeder by Blomus, from www.redcandy.co.uk, £62
Modern Birdhous by US industrial designer Donald Corey has a green roof. made from recycled timber and steel

There's no shortage of charming products on sale, from the utilitarian and traditional, to fun and funky designer birdhouses. UK makers are distinction are Lincs-based Lindleywood, which hand-make and hand-paint their colourful and imaginative birdboxes from pine from sustainable forests. Choose from a wide range of designs, from a cricket pavilion to a VW camper van, and let those birds have some fun.

For a more contemporary aesthetic, Mr & Mrs Birdee by Desinature are sweet little birch ply birdhouses - £39 for a pair. They are super easy to assemble - no tools are needed.

If you live in the US, the Modern Birdhous by industrial designer Donald Corey is a super piece of modern design for the garden and it should keep birds very happy. Made from reclaimed timber and recycled stainless steel, the house has a green roof to protect its inhabitants from the elements. And staying Stateside, Home Bazaar has an impressive and extensive range of products. You can see how making birdhouses could become a compulsive hobby... so much easier than putting together your own Huf house..

in the UK, online retailer Red Candy has some appealing modern designs, such as PI:P recyclable plastic spaceship-like feeder by Wolfgang Hints for German brand Koziol, and stainless steel feeders by Blomus which you simply push into the ground.

New to the UK are Tweet Tweet Home recyclable plastic birdhouses with fun contemporary designs. Buy them at www.thediscoverystore.co.uk and they're a snip at £14.95.

notonthehighstreet.com has a good selection of houses and feeders, such as the terracotta bird feeder by Little Brick House Ceramics, or the small feeder from the Nether Wallop Trading Company.

And why not buy some very simple traditional little wooden birdboxes from DIY retailers such as B&Q or Homebase, paint them and group together on an elevated platform - ie two tall pieces of wood with a flat plank on the top. 

Mr & Mrs Birdee, easy no tool assembly birch ply birdhouses by Desinature, £39, www.desinature.com
An apple a day... small feeder by Nether Wallop Trading Co from www.notonthehighstreet.com, £20
Stainless steel half moon Nido feeder by Blomus from www.redcandy.co.uk, £32
Tangerine bird house from US company Home Bazaar
Terracotta birdfeeder by Little Brick House Ceramics from www.notonthehighstreet.com, £28

Research before you buy

Do check that the product you buy is suitable for the type of bird that may be coming into your garden. Robins, for example, prefer to land on a table rather than a perch.. And while you may like to have your bird feeder or house in the middle of your garden where you can see it, remember the birds would be visible to spying predators, so it's safer to position it under cover. If in doubt, talk to the RSPB.