Reduced plastic in Wilko Christmas paper products

The retailer has signed up to the UK Plastic Pact and is reducing single use plastic, foil and glitter in its Christmas cards, giftwrap, cracker boxes and gift bags

Wilko has signed up to the UK Plastic Pact

Wilko is making its Christmas products easy to recycle by reducing non-recyclable materials on them. It's signed up to the UK Plastic Pact and says its committed to making its packaging fully recyclable

As we now know, many Christmas paper products aren't recyclable because they have hard-to-separate coatings of plastic or are covered with non-recyclable glitter or foil. This year retailer Wilko has taken steps towards eliminating single-use plastic from its paper and packaging. For example its gift and bottle bags are now 100 per cent recyclable, as are  its duo cocktail kisses and duo Christmas foliage 16-pack Christmas card packs - both cards and the boxes they come in. 

Fully recyclable gift bags
Less plastic = more recycling

The single use plastic window has been removed from cracker packaging while all but two of Wilko's wrapping papers are 100 per cent recyclable as paper. Wrapping tissue is likewise fully recyclable.