Stripe Art: The artist known as Strhype

Stripe Art: The artist known as Strhype

He's the go-to man for stripes. Soft, subtle, abstract, hard, straight, curved, technicolour, wild, ordered, garish, it's stripes unlimited

By Abby Trow
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Suffice to say Strhype is an artist based in London, and to prove he's not involved in any cult of anonymity, you can talk to him on the phone. His digitally-manipulated images, all centred around stripes, can be hugely colourful and uplifting or soft and contemplative. They're made to sizes and in colours specified by clients and can be printed onto a variety of materials.

Rhapsody on the theme of stripes

You might think an artist who deals in pictures of one form could be painting him or herself into a corner, so to speak.

But the limitless variations of stripes combined with advanced computer graphics means there's no question of encountering artist's block, says Stryhpe: 'People love stripes and I have always loved stripes - I've been obsessed with them since I was seven. They offer huge scope for creativity and visual beauty, which you see in the work of Bridget Riley and Daniel Buren.' 

It's a little unnerving to talk to someone who won't give his real name and doesn't want to discuss himself, but Strhype insists it's no marketing ploy to remain anonymous á la Banksy. 'No, really, there's a very simple, practical explanation for my decision, it's certainly not about wanting to create a mystique around myself.'

And knowing what he's like as a person is of no relevance to the customer, he argues, because he's not out to proselytise through his art, he has no message or mantra to share. 'It's all very simple really, and when people ask me why this and why that, all I can say is that I make images that I think are lovely to look at, that's all, so it's about the aesthetics and the colours. I love intense colour.'

Venus sunset
Reef blue sea
Sunset tree
Coast tree

Strhype digitally-manipulates images, often photographs he's taken, and says he spends much of his day in front of a computer altering and manipulating pixels.

Categories in his portfolio include images of the sea or countryside, while he also has what he describes as organic images, squares and strong modern images designed for corporate spaces. Choose a phrase to motivate your workforce, if you like that kind of thing, and have it printed on your picture.

Made to measure

The Strhype service allows customers to specify the size of image they want (up to 8ft x4ft, which is the size of his printer's flatbed scanner); the material it's printed on and the colours they want. So images will be unique to the buyer.

You can also ask him to make an image on a theme -  for example, he was asked to make a picture that reminded the customer of her wedding. 'Just bear in mind that the image will have stripes...'



Drugballed, pink
Lucky 7
Drugballed, mink


Strhype works with a printer who uses FSC-certified papers from German manufacturer Hahnemuhle, water-based, non-toxic inks, and cotton canvases with European pine frames. Perspex isn't an eco-friendly material, but customers can choose it. 

The artist is also working to develop artworks printed onto reclaimed timber. 'We can print on many substrates - as long as they fit onto a flatbed scanner,' he says. He adds that the business is looking to offer a service that prints Strhype images onto doors, as well as kitchen splashbacks and unit fronts.

Mmm that could like living inside the lining of Paul Smith jacket, sunglasses would be essential....

A restful image from the landscape section of the portfolio
A sunset

The cost of Strhype artworks varies according to the size of the image and the material it's printed on, so expect to pay anywhere between £475 and £2,000.

Find Stryhpe on The Artstack