Tick tock: a clock to rock the wall

Tick tock: a clock to rock the wall

Newgate clocks - Mr Davies retro clock

Clocks are often overlooked as a great piece of functional art work for walls. So if you can find the time, hang a clock on some empty wall space and delight at how it brings the room to life. Pictured above: UK maker Newgate offers an extensive collection of clean, bold, modern and mid-century designs, including this rectangular wood framed rectangular clock, Mr Davies, £75

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Always looking for your phone to find out the time? But think about it, you put your phone down, you can't remember where..and you wish there was a damn clock somewhere in the house. Well now's the time hang a few wall clocks. They can be things of beauty. And you need never be late again. Oh and lots of them are made from recyclable/sustainable materials - wood, metal, cork - as well as ceramic.

Makers to check out



George Jenson




Curious Makers

The great mid century designers including Arne Jacobsen, Fritz Hansen and of course George Nelson all did their bit to make clocks pieces of modern art; and many models are as popular today as they were in the mid 20th century - particuarly Nelson's exuberant Ball Wall Clock. 

Zuiver cork clock with moulded numbers, £49 at Cuckooland
A timeless classic, the George Nelson Ball Wall clock, £212 at Chaplins
Deep Sea wall clock, £129 at Escapology
Ribbonwood beechwood wall clock by Canada's Umbra design company, £50
Forester rustic wood and steel wall clock, £66 at Artisanti
Spanish brand Nomon makes very elegant modern clocks, including this  2Puntos, made from wood and metal. nomon.es
Karlsson's Mr Blue steel rim wall clock, £68.32. Find brand at Wayfair
Black flat faced iron Skeleton wall clock with Roman numerals, £64.95 at Melody Maison
Snake Eye Triptych by Newgate, £150. www.newgateworld.com
Georg Jenson's Henning Kopel wall clock, £146 at Skandium
Studio Emma for Curious Makers, handmade small pink and orange concrete wall clock, £50