Tom Dixon: exclusive and inclusive

Tom Dixon: exclusive and inclusive

The renowned designer has produced Swirl, a new range of accessories made from recycled marble dust; while he continues his collaboration with a certain Swedish homewares giant. Ok, yes, you're right, it's Ikea

Bookends from Tom Dixon's new Swirl collection

Tom Dixon doesn't let marble dust go to waste. No, he's made a new solid material itself made from the recycled residue from the marble industry which is mixed with different pigments and resin. Pictured above: pair of bookends from the Swirl collection, £225. 15x15x5cm.

But Tom Dixon is a man of the Ikea people too because he's also found time to collaborate with the company on part two of his Delaktig platform range of modular, customisable furniture. New for 2019 is the Delaktig kingsize bed, which is made from aluminium, 50 per cent of which is recycled aluminium. It's made using production methods from the aviation industry to ensure the platform is super light-weight but also durable. And being lightweight means it's easy to move around.

The bed comes with a range of accessories so you can chop and change the headboard, attach bedside shelves and lamps to suit your taste. Dixon says it makes sense to add a bed to the Delaktig range. 'I’m fascinated by the bed as a kind of primary unit that everybody needs. It’s essential; we spend more time in contact with our beds than with any other piece of furniture. So why not make it do more?'

Delaktig bed with rattan headboard
Delaktig aluminium kingsize bed platform with black headboard
Delaktig single rectangular platform made into a daybed using a headrest and side shelf. New grey upholstery
Delaktig chair in a new dusty pink upholstery fabric
The Delaktig range was designed to address the growing need for furniture that is adaptable and easy to take with you when you move. The range is based around a platform that can be personalised with shelves, headrests, armrests, lights etc and units can be put together to make sofas, daybeds, loveseats or used as a single chair. New upholstery colours have been introduced for 2019, including dusty pink and charcoal grey.
Bed platform with two side tables: £395
Accessories from £50