Upcycling with Kajsa Kinsella: make your own special memory card game

Who knows how long schools will stay open....so Kajsa's thinking about games that children can help make as well as play as a way of keeping their minds active

A game of snap or pairs anyone? A younger member of the Kinsella family with some of the cards she helped her upcycling mum to make

I recently came across an old pile of memory game cards I'd bought in the market many years ago and as they were looking decidedly tattered - not surprising after all this time - I thought the children could help me give them a makeoever so we could play with them again.  

You will need:

Old memory game card

Pretty paper - eg sheets of wrapping paper

Flat decorations such as cut out images, paper scraps, stickers, buttons, sequins etc


Clear book covering film


1. Lay your old cards on the table - they don't need to match as we'll make new pairs!  


Get some old cards and lay them out. Then cover them with pretty paper
Decorate them with motifs you like - cut from magazines or from the internet. Make at least two of e

2. Cut pretty paper to the size of the card - use wrapping paper for example. Carefully glue it to the decorated side of the card.

3. Lay your flat decorations on top, which could be a cut-out picture, a sticker or a motif you make yourself from glitter/sequins/buttons. You will need two of each design, so it may be easiest to print images you like from the internet. But if kids want to spend their pocket money, art shops have an amazing array of stickers these days. 

3/ Cover the memory game piece with adhesive book covering film and press down firmly to ensure you've squeezed out all the air.