What do we Brits consider the worst in interior design?

What do we Brits consider the worst in interior design?

A recent survey confirms that avocado suites and woodchip wallpaper are universally reviled, but did you know that lava lamps and faux flowers also feature in a home horrors list?

Lava lamps come in at number 11

A survey of 2,000 British adults for LEDHut suggests 14 no-nos when it comes to home decoration -  and perhaps surprisingly, the lava lamp comes in at number 11.

Tastes vary widely when it comes to our homes, but there are some things, it appears, we're in agreement on: avocado suites, woodchip paper, artex ceilings and carpet in the bathroom are the worst interior design offenders.

But a survey by LEDHut found some things that we like here in the Deco office - namely silk flowers and lava lamps - are on a list of no-nos.


woodchip paper sends people into despair
OMG get that avocado suite out of here

Here's that list in full - and you may also be aware that you are living with some of these!

1. Avocado bathrooms (the eco solution - ceramic recycling into aggregate for road repairs)
2. Woodchip wallpaper (compost it)
3. Bathroom carpets (use to line a compost heap)
4. Artex ceilings (landfill)
5. Net curtains (polyester recycling)
6. Mass-produced prints (e.g. ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’) 
7. Animal print
8. Fake flowers (just don't buy plastic ones)
9. Pine wood panelling (timber recycling)
10. Mirrored walls 
11. Lava lamps (if you have one, enjoy it!)
12. Floral wallpaper (find a tasteful one...eg from Knowles & Christou)
13. Lino flooring (well if it's Marmoleum from Forbo Nairn, it's very eco so steam clean it and it may well come up looking good)
14. Pastel kitchens (if you hate the colours but the units are still in a good state, then paint them with a chalk paint after sanding down)
Sure, get rid of the avocado bathroom and the artex ceiling; and bathroom carpet is simply loony and er..rather unhygienic. But floral wallpapers..well they're not all horrible, while lava lamps have a retro charm and some silk flowers are divine. Even Kelly Hoppen says so...