Egloo terracotta heaters

Egloo terracotta heater gives you a bit of warmth for the price of three tealights. It's eco friendly and useful

Lampshades by artists

Lampshades = old fashioned = bad. If that's your view, well, it's time to reconsider because too many a room could do with an injection of personality and an easy way to do this is with a colourful lampshade.

Kitchen compost bins: get composting and grow your own

You'd probably have a fit if you saw a family member put a tin can, newspaper or plastic drinks bottle into the 'normal' (ie destined for landfill) kitchen bin. But do you explode in green-faced exasperation if you see someone put some tangerine peel, teabags or eggshells into that same bin?

If yes, enjoy a metaphorical pat on the back.. you can pass go and move on to another article.

But if the answer is 'er, no..why would I?' well, if we can be so bold, you need to read on...

Today we love: Nick's Bespoke Maps

Is there a corner of the country, or indeed the world, that's special to you? Or one that fascinates you, historically or geographically? Nick's Bespoke Maps offers a service of drawing ink maps of places specified by you. So far he's drawn Yorkshire, areas of France and recent commissions incude mapping the Amalfi coast. 

Affordable luxuries: eco-friendly candles

scented candles are big business. Choose candles that contain no paraffin wax and if they have palm wax choose brands that guarantee sustainable palm

Ethical jewellery

Lauren Rowden, founder of jewellery brand Ellie Air, is among a growing number of jewellers bringing ethicality and sustainability to the jewellery trade. She uses 100 per cent recycled Fairmined gold in her pieces and sources all gemstones and diamonds for her designs from suppliers who have direct contact with miners and cutters, to ensure they do not come from conflict zones.

Ethical handmade homewares

Collective-Stories' first collection features handmade cushions, rugs and baskets inspired by geometric shapes often seen in brutalist architecture and the Bauhaus. They offer striking, yet simple contemporary design, made in natural sustainable materials such as wool, buri (material from the buri tree which grows in the Philippines) and cotton.