Architect Robert Kraus' spectacular Vienna new build

At Deco we're generally not in favour of gawping at pictures of wealthy people's houses. But this house - while far beyond most self-builders wildest dreams - is rather lovely; and on the grounds that it uses lots of sustainable European oak, has ground source heat pumps to keep it warm in winter and uses fabric from Essex-based MissPrint, well, we thought you might find it inspiring.

Wearth London: the one stop eco shop

When they were looking for things for their home, Imogen Minoli and Edward Davies were struck by how untransparent the labelling on goods was, so they didn't really know how eco-friendly or sustainable something was. And they were incredulous at the amount of plastic packaging that comes with so many purchases.

Deco's A to Z of natural fibres

ALPACA. It's wool taken from the South American llama-like alpaca. It is soft and warm, naturally water-repellent and fire-resistant and has no lanolin, making it suitable for those with allergies to sheep’s wool. There are two breeds, Suri and Huacaya which have slightly different wool. 

Eco-friendly wedding presents for green-at-heart couples

Eco friendy gifts are becoming a popular request from couples getting married or entering into civil partnerships. Choose from plants, trees, or beautiful items that will last such as glassware or ceramics.

Mattress in a box - how eco is it?

foam mattress in a box may sound good in that they come rolled up on a box but they are not easily disposed of so are not eco friendly

Hedging to combat traffic emissions

We know trees are good at absorbing CO2 but our town planners should plant hedges near roads too, say scientists. Researchers from Surrey University's Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) looked at how three types of road-side planting – trees, hedges, and a combination of trees with hedges and shrubs – affected concentration levels of air pollution. The study used six roadside locations in Guildford as test sites, where the green infrastructure was between 1-2 metres away from the road.

Making good use of waste paint

Paint manufacturers are working to reduce the environmental impact of waste paint. It should re-used in paint manufacture, or given to community projects so it can stay out of landfill sites.

Eco-friendly paints - what it means and who makes them

what is meant by eco friendly paint? did you know acrylic paints contain plastic? choose paints from brands that use no plastics or noxious chemicals if you don't want your walls to off-gas, impairing air quality in your home

Meet auctioneer Catherine Southon

Antiques. The word may inspire you or turn you off, and your age is likely to have something to do with your response. Older people may think of beautiful Georgian furniture, rich mahogany pieces with intricate marquetry, while younger people may well think antiques are big ugly pieces of brown wood that their great grandparents lived with.

Prefab sprout: EGOIN makes building with wood easy

Egoin makes cross-laminated timber panels which are used to construct sustainable, eco-friendly buildings, whether private houses, offices, schools or nurseries. Egoin uses FSC wood and has Passiv Haus accreditation. It has an office in Scotland to serve the UK market.