Sprout's grow-your-own pencils

healthy living is made easy with grow your own microgreen kits from Danish start-up Sprout. grow seeds on a hemp mat on the windowsill - the eco friendly way to cultivate your own food. seeds grow on hemp.

Harry Villiers' home office in the garden

Harry Villers of Villiers Brothers furniture company built an environmentally friendly home office/shed in his Essex garden. It uses recyclable materials such as steel, wood and glass. It has a salvaged oak floor from eBay. Villiers has launched Vintage Archive.

Garden rooms: more living space for your home

Moving house is formidably expensive and building an extension is time-consuming and disruptive. Hence the march of the ready-made garden building to fill the gap, which is a far cry from the humble shed of yesteryear.

Trex decking: waste made extraordinarily good

Decking has proved an enduringly popular feature in gardens and outside spaces for obvious reasons. It looks smart, it delineates areas for specific purposes, and if it's made from wood we feel it's a natural, sustainable choice of material.

On the whole, says north London gardener Patrick Wagstaff of The Plot Doctor, 'nearly everyone who wants their garden done wants some decking - usually it's an area for a table, chairs and some pot plants. Decking is neat and it makes the area feel like an extension of your living space.'

Salad days with Acqua Tower

Interest in gardening, or more particularly interest in helping people with limited space to garden, is, thankfully growing as fast as grass and ivy do in summer.

Whether it’s prettier pots for indoor and outdoor plants, herbs for the windowsill or hydroponic LED kits so you can grow herbs and salad leaves on your kitchen table, it’s good to see that the garden sector is acknowledging that far more of us have little to no outside space than have rolling lawns and abundant herbaceous borders at our disposal.

Make a beautiful memory garden

We tend to think of terms of public memorial gardens, but it can be very cathartic to make a memory garden at home in honour of a loved one who's died  

What are memory gardens?