Luxury interior design: yes it does do green

luxury design can product very eco friendly interiors as many homeware product are hand-made using sustainable timbers and fabrics. Luxury designers in the UK include laura Hammett

Focus on: Duette heat conserving blinds

Duette energy saving blinds can help reduce energy bills. they can be an eco friendly option for window coverings

Peace and tranquility: a house in Provence

eco friendly house restoration in the Luberon region of Provence. It uses local stone, lime plaster for all the walls and reclaimed wood.

King crimson: poinsettias, the perfect Christmas plant

Poinsettias are the second best-selling houseplant in the UK (after the enduringly popular Phalaenopsis orchid), and this year it's estimated w'll be buying some eight million of them over the Christmas period.

Poinsettias, which hail from Mexico, have become the festive houseplant and you can do a lot with them from having a large plant in a pot, to cutting the stems to use in a floral display or incorporating into a wreath. They also make a perfect gift for men and women of all ages.



What are the main types of blinds and where to use them?

Blinds are a classic way to shade your windows, they are simple to use, easy to install and most importantly, they look amazingly stylish. Unlike curtains where you have one variation of the shading, choose from multiple different types of blinds ranging from rolling fabric blinds to metal slat blinds. And to help you navigate the world of blinds we’ve teamed up with DotcomBlinds to explain the various types available.

Roller Blinds

Architect Robert Kraus' spectacular Vienna new build

At Deco we're generally not in favour of gawping at pictures of wealthy people's houses. But this house - while far beyond most self-builders wildest dreams - is rather lovely; and on the grounds that it uses lots of sustainable European oak, has ground source heat pumps to keep it warm in winter and uses fabric from Essex-based MissPrint, well, we thought you might find it inspiring.

Patterned tiles for a Mediterranean style kitchen

A lot of us have moved away from ceramic tiles in the kitchen, in favour of resilient flooring such as vinyl, linoleum or rubber and glass splashbacks.

But if you want to be creative, take inspiration from the colourful and detailed encaustic patterns of the 19th century, which you see used to great effect in Mediterranean countries.

Mattress in a box - how eco is it?

foam mattress in a box may sound good in that they come rolled up on a box but they are not easily disposed of so are not eco friendly

Veolia gives us the house of 2050

Crystal ball gazing is always fun. But urban life for people in 2050 could be very difficult unless we start now to ensure a circular economy in which nothing is wasted. 

Make a small room something special

Decorating a cloakroom can often feel more daunting than tackling a bigger space. How do you get the layout right? What if the scale doesn't work? But Roselind Wilson, creative director at Roselind Wilson Design, believes that a small WC actually gives you the chance to unleash your creativity. 'To create impact in a small space, there needs to be a memorable feature that really grabs your attention. This might be a striking wallpaper or the use of bold colour. You need to be braver than you might be in other areas of the house.'