Paint your way to a lovely home with Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan's book Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture, published by CICO Books, takes you through 40 projects, showing you how to transform old furniture, floors, walls and ceilings, using eco friendly chalk paint. It covers French, Swedish, contemporary and shabby chic styles. With pictures and text that tells you what to do step-by-step, it's a useful, practical book.

Prefab sprout: EGOIN makes building with wood easy

Egoin makes cross-laminated timber panels which are used to construct sustainable, eco-friendly buildings, whether private houses, offices, schools or nurseries. Egoin uses FSC wood and has Passiv Haus accreditation. It has an office in Scotland to serve the UK market.

California dreaming: a wooden house by the ocean

The Sea Ranch is an area of exceptional natural beauty and as such development in it is, rightly, tightly controlled. So if you're fortunate enough to buy a house here, you aren't going to be overlooked by the neighbours.

Every shelf needs some: Bookends

The red telephone box may be a thing of the past, but if you want to remind your teens of just how fabulous our street furniture - if you can call it that - was, then a pair of plaster phone box bookends by Bath-based Timothy RIchards would be a present that should see them through to old age...