Hay is a well known Danish design studio
Configure Tria for a living room

The Tria storage system from Mobles 114, one of Spain's most environmentally-friendly companies, is a paragon of virtue and versatility

modular wood units by ByAlex, from £100

ByAlex has launched Playwell, a contemporary wooden modular storage system you can add to over time

The coffee table can be a difficult piece of furniture to get right. But if you forgo one, there's always the problem of where to put that tray of drinks or armful of books and papers.

Megan table and bench by Raft

You might be shocked to learn that the UK is the fourth largest importer of illegally logged wood. So the need to be vigilant about what we buy is crucially important

Big Husk chair by Patricia Urquiola for B+B Italia, from Chaplins

One that you can spend an evening in watching the TV without ending up with neck or backache; one that is not too hard or too doughy? It's a subjective business of course, but here are some chairs we think are a pleasure to sit in - and they're eco-friendly of course

Abaca Organic furniture has no foam in it

It's been nigh on impossible to buy furniture that doesn't contain polyurethane foam and fire retardant chemicals. Well, from South Wales comes that all organic chair or sofa you've been waiting for

Stua's Laclasica chair
Andrea McClean has donated a bed to the BHF

TV presenter and columnist Andrea Mclean is reminding us that the British Heart Foundation is a big retailer in second-hand furniture and the more we donate, the more we're helping people on low incomes and the more money the charity can put into medical research

The successful reclaimed wood furniture companies has always been an online business...but it's also moved into bricks and mortar with a stunning city centre showroom

Toronto home of Vivian Reiss is full of antiques

The antiques industry is pushing its eco credentials: by choosing antique furniture you'll be doing your bit to save trees, reduce waste and curb CO2 emissions. And the eclectic mixing of old and new is always a good look

screen from baines & fricker

Brighton based design duo Baines & Fricker bring us this super useful screen...great for hiding any unsightly messes, for delineating your part of a room ..or sulking behind after an argument