Lighting from Ikea uses LEDs as the light source

The global retailer announces that from now on, it's selling only energy-saving LED lighting products

The Bocci light fitting fills the central atrium

This light and capacious modern house on a sloping plot in Vienna is heated from the ground, full of oak and has a Bocci cascading light fixture as its piece de resistance

Aircraft aluminium used to make stools by Germany's Aero-46

For the passionate enthusiast, there's no such thing as a helicopter or a motorcycle graveyard. There's simply resurrection in a new form.

Moosetache is made from recycled polypropylene

Moosetache is an easy-fix wall light made from recycled plastic that comes with a set of moustaches to suit your mood

Pet Lamps are made in Spain, Colombia and now Chile by artisan communities

Pet Lamp started in Spain to encourage designers to put ubiquitous waste plastic bottles to creative use. Now it's on the way to becoming a global sustainable lighting project.