Delicious homemade marmalade

Rich, tangy homemade Seville orange marmalade

Simply the best

The unmarked jars of Katie's Kitchen marmalade

Good marmalade - really good marmalade - doesn't come from factories. It comes from kitchens up and down the country where it's made with love and care.

Katie's Kitchen near Chepstow in south Wales is where locals in the know go to get their marmalade. Katie makes about 250 jars a year - using jars, incidentally, saved for her by her fans who know she's an avid recycler  - which are much in demand. We know Katie and have managed to get some in stock for Deco's small but growing emporium.

Fewer people are eating marmalade these days, but there those of us who are fans like it rich and tangy and we know the real thing isn't bright orange in colour, isn't devoid of 'bits' and definitely isn't a sweet syrup. No, it's dark brown, it's got lots of chewy peel, it's rich and above all tangy.  

We love marmalade in this office and we reckon Katie's Kitchen marmalade is the best, assuming you like a traditional Seville orange marmalade that's not too sweet.

*Jars come with a note from Katie's Kitchen detailing date of making and ingredients.

396ml jars cost £3.70 + £2.00 p&p

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