Win a Karcher steam cleaner competition


Prize Draw - Win a Kärcher steam cleaner

Steam cleaning is a great way to have a sparkling daisy-fresh home without using chemical-filled cleaning products. We have one Kärcher SC3 model - which costs £119.99 in John Lewis - to give away to a Deco reader. It's super easy to use, with tools for floors, glass, walls, sinks and basins, loo and kitchen hobs. In fact there aren't many hard surfaces you can't clean with the SC3.

Simply pour in a litre of water, plug in the socket, wait one minute and you're ready for the'll be a steam clean queen bee in no time. Or in a case of men, a jolly old drone bee.

So put away the scouring creams and the bleach and do your home and the environment a favour by cleaning with steam.


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