Axate: pay-as-you-read

Decomag has teamed up with Axate, an exciting new platform that offers the easiest way to pay to read the journalism you want

Axate lets you pay a small sum per article, so you don't have to bother with annual subscriptions. It means you're supporting the publication that's produced the article and you get the information/entertainment you want.

At deco we like Axate because it offers a win-win to publisher and reader. Producing deco, as with all professional online publications, takes a lot of hard work -  just because it's online doesn't mean any less work goes into than producing a quality print title and no-one expects to walk into a newsagent and pick up a copy of House & Garden for free! We know readers are happy to pay but they want it to be super easy and they don't want the faff of setting up subscriptions. Paying for what you want to read, watch or listen to is effortless - and with Axate there's no further commitment.

Axate really is easy to use. You prepay a little money into your Axate wallet -  say £3, £5 or £8, or $3-$8. You read one of our articles for just £0.50 pence, and that sum will be deducted from your wallet. But we're using Axate like this: pay 50 pence to read a deco feature, or read two articles for a £1.00 and then you have 24 hours to read all of decomag at your leisure. Put it like this: for £1 a day you can read as much deco as you want. There are no fees for using Axate - all the money you add to your account is for you to spend reading deco.

And as soon as you sign up with Axate you can use it on any participating website. So when you've had your fix of green interiors, you might want a bit of celeb gossip on Popbitch or catch up on your boxing news with a read or two on Boxing News!

Choose to spend your money on what you want, when you want it, and start to enjoy the internet without having to decide between starting a subscription or just not seeing something you’re interested in.

It works across all your devices, remembers what you’ve seen (and doesn’t charge you twice for the same thing!) and rewards you with better value for money the more you delve into a publication.

Axate is a better way for you to pay a small price to enjoy the journalism you like.



Axate FAQs