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AV Composites Aluminium Roof Panels
11 av. des Joncades basses, 13210 Saint Rémy de Provence, Bouches du Rhône - FRANCE
phone: +33 (0)4 32 61 92
Shutters from Purely Shutters are eco friendly and will conserve heat
Purely Shutters
Unit 5, Birmingham Trade Park, Kingsbury Road, Birmingham B24 9PS
phone: 0800 038 5311
Shutters are the ideal window treatment for conservatories. These rooms tend to have a lot of glass, so you need to be able to keep them cool in hot weather and warm in winter and Purely Shutters products are the perfect solution.
In summer close the slats and the shutters will keep your house cool, while in winter use the shutters to let in daylight and close them when it gets dark to retain heat in the space. It’s estimated that window shutters reduce heat loss by 25-50 per cent so they're well worth investing in. 
Purely Shutters products allow you to maintain privacy, while maximising daylight - and we all need plenty of natural light for our health and wellbeing.
At Purely Shutters we care about the environment and ethics. All our woods come from sustainable sources: we buy cedar from managed forests where a tree is replanted for everyone felled. Our laminated wooden shutters are made from parasol, a fast-growing farmed wood, while our Warwick range is our most eco-friendly as no trees have been cut down for it, rather laminate is made from waste off-cuts not useable elsewhere.


Viaduct Works, Crumlin, South Wales, NP11 3PL
phone: 01459 244226
SofaSofa offers an extensive range of timeless and stylish British-made leather and fabric sofas, sofabeds, armchairs and footstools. All our furniture comes with a five-year guarantee, 21-day returns and fast UK delivery.
Unlike much of the furniture sold in the UK today, SofaSofa refuses to supply cheap, imported furniture, rather we insist on manufacture in the UK, thereby ensuring the highest standard of quality control. By manufacturing in-house, we maintain a strict control over parts and workmanship and also minimise our environmental impact. 
We use non-tropical hardwood for our frames and we comply fully with all EU environmental legislation.
Romag integrated photovoltaic roof panels
Leadgate Industrial Estate, Consett, County Durham, DH8 7RS
phone: +44 (0)1207 500000
Romag is a glass and solar manufacturer that specialises in providing innovative and environmentally-friendly products across a range of sectors.

Romag manufactures cutting-edge solutions for a wide variety of projects, ranging from display panels for museums and zoos to solar photovoltaic (PV) units for architectural developments. Eco-friendly products include solar control glass, which uses light transmission technology to keep interiors at a comfortable temperature, as well as A-rated energy-efficient glazing that is ideal for insulating buildings. And Romag’s roof-integrated solar PV options, pictured here, allow homeowners to generate clean, renewable solar energy without the obtrusive look of traditional solar panels which protrude from the roof. 

All Romag products can be tailored to your project’s requirements for a completely bespoke solution.