If family meals have gone to the dogs because your teens can't avert their eyes from their mobile phones even as they chew, well, you might like to invest in a Pearl Dish. This lidded vessel could well take on totemic qualities as an enabler of real communication

poinsettias are a lovely rich colourful flowering plant for indoors

..and not just for Christmas of course because poinsettias come in many other hues from cream to green to pink. But we tend to buy them as a yuletide tradition and rightly so because they are inject much needed colour at this time of year

Cassini is a new design from Pilkington

Clear glass is wonderful as it lets there be light, but it's obviously problematic when it comes to privacy. Textured or patterned glass is the answer and UK manufacturer Pilkington has launched two new designs that are lovely to look at without baring all....


Indoor air quality is greatly improved by having plants at home but they can take over surfaces and generally get in the way. Plantashelf is a new product that allows plant and shelf to live in harmony on the wall

If you've got to grips with hygge, you can turn your attention to lagom, a Swedish word that encapsulates a way of living that is about having enough but not too much. Lagom by Niki Brantmark is a new book that explains all

Tony Hawk on his Iris board

The perfect Christmas gift for the eco-minded skateboard mad teen...a recycled skateboard skateboard. Now you can follow in Tony Hawk's slipstream

Do you bit to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by using Wrag Wrap

Wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly fabric that looks and feels remarkably like wrapping paper. Wrag Wrap won't tear or degrade, and it's meant to be re-used again and again

Heart Wood from Dulux

Yes, colours, like people, need championing, so let's hear it for warm pinky mauve Heart Wood, which Dulux has crowned COTY 2018 - Egloo says it can warm up a 20m2 space by 2-3 degrees in 30 minutes

If you get chilly while working late at your desk, or you need a bit of heat during an al fresco supper, the Egloo could be just the thing to give you that soupçon of additional heat to keep you going

Fruitopia.. grab a piece and go...

Kingston University student George Woolley has a novel proposal to get us to eat more fruit...take apples, pears, bananas etc out of the fruit bowl and mount them in a plum position on the wall instead. His design is called Fruitopia. Loony or a damn good idea?

Jangeus Design dishcloths are attractive and they biodegrade

Designer dishcloth maker Jangneus has added new patterns and colours to its collection of hard-wearing cloths that can be slung on the compost heap when they're done