You can find zinc pots in salvage yards and second-hand shops

For the second in her series of super quick and easy upcycling projects, Kajsa Kinsella works her magic on the humble zinc pail. It's a fun thing to do with children if you want to get them upcycling early

Ethical and fair trade brand Sep offers exquisite hand-embroidered homewares and decorative accessories. Pieces are hand-made by Palestinian refugees in Jordan who are skilled in the art of cross stitching; and four years into the project, some 800 women are working with Sep

Lechuza planters mean you allow you not to water your plants for up to 12 weeks

Keeping plants in containers watered can be a drag, especially in hot weather. Lechuza recyclable plastic planters have an internal reservoir that gets round the problem

With summer almost upon us, it's time to embrace the pale pinks, baby blues and lilacs over darker hues

Incised lidded jars, £45 at Jardins Florian

The Japanese ceramicist studied at Falmouth University but has returned home to set up her studio specialising in elegantly informal and eminently useable pieces

Jangeus Design dishcloths are attractive and they biodegrade

Designer dishcloth maker Jangneus has added new patterns and colours to its collection of hard-wearing cloths that can be slung on the compost heap when they're done - Egloo says it can warm up a 20m2 space by 2-3 degrees in 30 minutes

If you get chilly while working late at your desk, or you need a bit of heat during an al fresco supper, the Egloo could be just the thing to give you that soupçon of additional heat to keep you going