The £9.99 collection is eco friendly

The London-based company has a new collection of useful and eco friendly little things made entirely from waste wood from its production

Thomas Sanderson

The company was delighted to be contacted by customers asking if blinds bought in 1991 could be restrung - yes was the answer and the products are set for another 26 years' use

In its first year in its new Kensington home, London's Design Museum has had nearly 800,000 visitors. Proof, it says, that interest in design is growing all the time

Renowned for its violas and Wild Swan anemone, this Dumfries & Galloway nursery has launched its 2018 catalogue; if you're after plants for a cottage garden, you're spoiled for choice

Clearabee service is an on demand rubbish removal service

If you get fed up waiting for the council to come and clear your rubbish or you worry that the ubiquitous man with a van won't recycle properly, then Clearabee can help