Kungsbacka is ideal for kitchen fronts and worktops

The circular economy in action: Kungsbacka is a new material for kitchen units and worktops made from recycled plastic bottles and waste wood

Villa Circuitus is Kebony clad

Congratulations to the company that turns plentiful softwood into hardwood on again making it into the list of world leading eco friendly businesses.

Fab Little Bag opens and closes with one hand and becomes a sealed unit

Tampons and of course sanitary towels should not be flushed down the loo; though many women do flush the former. Easy disposal - and sparing our beaches - is what Martha Silcott's Fab Little Bag is all about

Virtu panels could be the future

If you're thinking about investing in solar products to reduce your energy bills, it could be worth holding on until Virtu® panels hit the market