Christmas - keep it eco, keep it simple!

Enjoy an eco friendly Christmas by using LED lights, not overbuying food and using a recyclable tree whether it's a real potted spruce or an artificial one. Think about minimising your landfill waste.

Fabulous sideboards - the best storage for your home

Sideboards or credenzas are super useful and attractive storage. The most eco are made from timber or reclaimed timber. Buy new or find them in vintage or antique shops as well as an auctions.

To buy or not to buy leather? Is it eco friendly? A tough decision...

Is there eco friendly leather? Is leather good or bad from an environmental perspective? Many of us think because leather is a natural product, it must be good. But tanning leather has always been a dirty business and in many parts of the world it remains so.

The art of eco: environmentally-friendly art and artists

There's an assumption that art is beyond reproach because it's culture and culture is good for the mind and the soul. But the business of painting has long been up to its neck in toxic pigments, solvents and formaldehyde, and artists haven't always scored highly when it comes to minimising waste.

Beautiful gift-wrapping the eco way with Arona Khan

We're urged to avoid becoming hoarders on the grounds that madness lies that way. But the good thing about not throwing out all the stuff that wraps the stuff we buy or receive is that IF we're organized, one plastic carrier bag should be enough to store over the year the off-cuts we'll need when we commit to saving money by becoming an eco-gift wrapper.

And once you get the eco-wrapping bug, you'll snort with derision at the idea of anyone paying £2 for a single sheet of Father Christmas paper.

Eco friendly wall coverings

According to the British Coatings Federation wallpaper sales are continuing to grow, as they have been for the past few years. Well, lockdown did present many of us with time to get to grips with some of the more difficult DIY tasks ..such as learning to hang wallpaper. 

Eco warriors as well as workhorse worktops

Eco worktops and environmentally friendly worktop materials include Eco by Cosentino, Resilica recycled glass, and Richlite. All are hard wearing and intended to last for at least 30 years. Environmentally friendly choices. good for kitchens and bathrooms. Swiss CDF by Kronospan is another good eco option being made from FSC-certified wood fibre.

LZF Lights - the most eco on the market?

Eco friendly wood veneer lights from Valencia based LZF. The company uses FSC-certified woods and energy saving light sources such as LEDs.

Tenant safety: asbestos rules

Asbestos is a highly damaging group of microscopic fibres that if inhaled can severely damage our lungs. The fibres become trapped within our alveoli where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place. Since the fibres are lodged, they can irritate and scar lung tissue, making it difficult to breathe. Although the effects of inhaling asbestos may not be noticed at first, they will more than likely severely impact health later in life, causing conditions such as asbestosis and lung cancer.

How eco are you? First up, Lisa Faulkner

Lisa Faulkner says she's definitely a cook and not a chef, and she's the first to admit that she's not re-inventing the cookery wheel with her books and recipes. Rather she wants to share her love of cooking and if that gets more of us putting a bit more time and effort into the food we eat, well, so much the better.