Try your hand at building a cob studio

If you hanker after a garden shed or outside room with a difference, why not consider building your own this summer - the lockdown isn't going to be a thing of the past for a fair ol' while yet? The ancient building technique known as cob is, according to Kate Edwards of Norfolk-based Edwards Cob Building, so easy that anyone can learn to do it. In four days. That's how long the Edwards' training courses are. Which to those of us who are not practical won't sound anywhere near long enough. 

Plants for bird-friendly gardens

CHoose bird friendly plants to encourage our feathered friends to come into our gardens

Garden rooms: more living space for your home

Moving house is formidably expensive and building an extension is time-consuming and disruptive. Hence the march of the ready-made garden building to fill the gap, which is a far cry from the humble shed of yesteryear.

Villa Della Pergola English gardens at Alassio

Enjoy travel to Italy then don't miss the Gardens of Villa Della Pergola at Alassio on the Ligurian coast. So vibrant and green, nature is managed yet wild. Feel at one with beautiful gardens full of wisteria and agapanthus

Turn your garden into a luxurious haven in 5 steps

Having an attractive outdoor space is a very desirable feature in a property, which is why gardens can add a lot of value to a house. However, while having a good-sized garden is great, it can become very off-putting if it’s not taken care of and is left to grow out of control. So while it may take a bit of time and money, turning your garden into a luxurious haven is well worth the effort. Here are five simple things you can do to achieve this.


King crimson: poinsettias, the perfect Christmas plant

Poinsettias are the second best-selling houseplant in the UK (after the enduringly popular Phalaenopsis orchid), and this year it's estimated w'll be buying some eight million of them over the Christmas period.

Plant peonies for a garden full of colour

peonies are lovely colourful flowers that are easy to grow in UK gardens