Kitchens and Bathrooms

Hansgrohe products have EcoSmart technology to cut water use by some 60 per cent

Our summers are getting hotter and the Environment Agency is warning that in 25 years' time there may not be enough water for our population. So we must take heed and learn to treat water like the precious resource it is. And that means re-thinking our bathrooms

Heritage tiles from Spain's Gayafores

Don't be afraid to use patterned tiles in the kitchen

Shaker kitchen, Mereway Kitchens Ltd

Whether you invest your life savings in a luxury one, or you do it on a shoestring, you can make sure your kitchen doesn't leave a giant-sized carbon footprint in its wake

sprout tasty garden kits are cute and useful

Most of us will recall the delights of growing cress on cotton wool at primary school.. well Danish eco start-up Sprout has taken window sill food cultivation up a notch with their just as easy to grow Tasty Garden kits

Any Sharp Twist is a compact kitchen essential

AnySharp Twist is a nifty little device that allows everyone to sharpen their kitchen knives without risking life and limb. We've tested it and it's a thumbs up from deco

Bet you never thought of a TV in the bathroom..

Bathroom design doesn't stand still. Bathrooms are becoming ever more luxurious as technology makes them both more eco friendly and entertainment focused

Stainless steel is seen by many as being too clinical for a home kitchen. It's also pretty pricey and worktops are susceptible to scratches. But.. stainless steel is supremely hard wearing, it can look sleek and modern and it's 100 per cent recyclable

Homebarn Shaker style oak unit

It makes sense to have some kitchen furniture you can take with you when you move, such as island units, dressers and butcher's blocks. And if you want a more individual, eclectic kitchen, freestanding is the way to go

This bathroom is a great example of how good porcelain tiles can be at mimicking marble. The latter has to be quarried and once installed you have to seal it and look after it. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, look after themselves

Born in Sweden is a brand that likes to use wood creatively. Even the humble trivet is an item of beauty in their hands

Ilve Roma 150cm range cooker is made in Italy

Get the low down on range cookers from an energy efficiency point of view. Kay Hill chooses 20 models, both cast iron heat storage and freestanding range cookers

T&G salt & pepper pots

Design is important with kitchenware, but you can have products that are eco-friendly and ethically produced, as well as lovely to look at and a joy to use.