Kitchens and Bathrooms

Your bathroom can purr softly rather than clunk, whoosh and thunder

Noise pollution isn't just generated by traffic, roadworks and screaming children in playgrounds. Lots of us put up with excessive noise in our homes  - noise from electrical equipment and bathroom products in particular. Quiet Mark wants to help and it's identified quieter products that can improve your quality of life

Stainless steel is seen by many as being too clinical for a home kitchen. It's also pretty pricey and worktops are susceptible to scratches. But.. stainless steel is supremely hard wearing, it can look sleek and modern and it's 100 per cent recyclable

Heritage tiles from Spain's Gayafores

Don't be afraid to use patterned tiles in the kitchen

do your bit for the environment and compost your food waste

..or at the very least save your food scraps and peelings for your local council to compost. So come on people, make 2020 your greenest year ever, which means getting a counter top bin for the kitchen -  and a garden composter too if you have the space.

Mereway Kitchens

Whether you invest your life savings in a luxury one, or you do it on a shoestring, you can make sure your kitchen doesn't leave a giant-sized carbon footprint in its wake