Upcycling with Kajsa Kinsella: make your own special memory card game

I recently came across an old pile of memory game cards I'd bought in the market many years ago and as they were looking decidedly tattered - not surprising after all this time - I thought the children could help me give them a makeoever so we could play with them again.  

You will need:

Old memory game card

Pretty paper - eg sheets of wrapping paper

Flat decorations such as cut out images, paper scraps, stickers, buttons, sequins etc


Clear book covering film

Rugs for the garden

Fab Habitat recycled plastic rugs are eco friendly and long lasting. They are also recyclable. NOW Carpets has launched its own range of designer rugs made from recycled polyester yarn, made in India. Tags: garden, eco friendly, recycled, craft, sustainability, decoration

Sprout's grow-your-own pencils

healthy living is made easy with grow your own microgreen kits from Danish start-up Sprout. grow seeds on a hemp mat on the windowsill - the eco friendly way to cultivate your own food. seeds grow on hemp.

Summertime: August shopping

2020 has been a hard year so far and Covid-19 looks set to mean restrictions will remain on our ways of life for some time yet. The UK economy has of course been badly hit by people being confined to barracks, so if you're in the fortunate position of not having spent every penny on food, you might feel like spending, if not exactly splashing, a bit of dosh on a few things for your homestead. 

Tick tock: a clock to rock the wall

Always looking for your phone to find out the time? But think about it, you put your phone down, you can't remember where..and you wish there was a damn clock somewhere in the house. Well now's the time hang a few wall clocks. They can be things of beauty. And you need never be late again. Oh and lots of them are made from recyclable/sustainable materials - wood, metal, cork - as well as ceramic.

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