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A warm welcome to Deco, the unique independent design-led eco-interiors online magazine. Deco is useful, informative and entertaining; it's for people like you who love their homes but also care about the environment, and so want their interiors to be eco chic as well as eco friendly.

From upcycling the old to sourcing ethically sound and beautifully-made new products, Deco keeps you informed about the eco-friendliness of kitchens and bathrooms, furniture and lighting, as well as flooring, fabrics, antiques, art and accessories. We look at the work of designers around the world, and talk to experts. So if you want to do your bit for environment, and indulge your love of interior decoration, Deco is for you. Bookmark us, tell your friends, like us on Facebook, and Tweet about us.

We write about themes and topics relating to eco interiors and we also write about companies we feel will be of interest to you because they make quality products with environmental merit.

Deco online magazine is published in London. T 020 7561 0675. The editor is interiors journalist  Abby Trow and Kay Hill is deputy editor. The Deco logo was designed by graphic designer Junko Fuwa (www.fuwadesign.com)

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Abby Trow has been an interiors journalist since the late '90s and before that she worked as a news journalist at BBC network radio. Abby has grown increasingly interested in the environmental aspect of interior design, noting that while lots of information has become available relating to architecture and the environment, there's been surprisingly little info on what goes into all the stuff we buy for our homes. As to her own eco ways, well, she can't bear to see a tin can thrown into a waste bin, likewise paper. And she does curse her neighbours who are very half-hearted recyclers, forcing her to extract glass, paper, tins and plastics from their rubbish when they're not looking. She won't buy cotton that's not organic, and she and her partner have now had a wooden shed insulated with sheep's wool built in the garden. Her sons are relieved Abby didn't try the self-build cob room as they maintain she has absolutely no handiwork skills.