• A light that creates interesting effects Fusion

    You don't have to be a lighting designer to achieve mood and ambience with your lamps. The Fusion cut-out cube is a sculptural piece that gives a gentle wash of light

  • Danish eco start-up Sprout has taken window sill food cultivation up a notch with their plant a pencil and watch it grow...basil, tomatoes, parsley, micro greens, whatever takes your fancy

Newgate clock

Frustrated that you can't keep track of time? the answer is to get a clock on the wall in more rooms in your dwelling. And the good news is there are some stylish models to make time pass very pleasingly indeed.

Poinsettias are perfect for Christmas colour

..and not just for Christmas of course because poinsettias come in many other hues from cream to green to pink. But we tend to buy them as a yuletide tradition and rightly so because they are inject much needed colour at this time of year


Skar candles are made from organic beeswax

 Skär Organics offers the first certified organic, UK-made candles, unfragranced and scented

hand folded paper baubles Kate Colin Design

Lovely for Christmas but perfect for year-round use, these Kate Colin Design baubles are made from hand-folded paper

Ellie Air jewellery is fair trade and ethical

The spotlight of scrutiny is turning on jewellery which for centuries has got away with being the face of cruelty and avarice. So if you're investing in a piece for yourself or a loved one, check its provenance. 

ceramic striped baubles made in Cornwall

You've got the if you want to update the bauble collection you might like to know that British heritage pottery Cornishware has launched its first collection of ceramic mini baubles painted in its trademark stripes

Malkia scented candles

Sales of candles, particularly fragranced ones, continue to grow. And we're seeing more small artisan manufacturers bring delicious, quirky, new fragrances to the market while striving to make their products environmentally friendly


Flowers for All by Susan McLeary

Flowers for All by Susan McLeary is a book for flower arrangers who want to be inspired to create more modern, unorthodox designs

Spring has sprung, so why not invite all things green and floral into your home? From decorative accessories to kitchen crockery, designs that take us out into the garden on a sunny day, so to speak, are a perfect way to refresh our interiors and lift our spirits