• Black panel internal doors from JB Kind

    Doors are easily overlooked and we tend meekly to accept what we inherit when we move into a property. But stylish interior doors can bring impact, cohesiveness and even a quiet grandeur to your home

Exposed wood beams

Exposed wood beams don't need much in the way of day to day maintenance but periodically it makes sense to have them renovated to ensure they'll be doing a grand job in 200 years' time


As with everything, architecture and interior design are always evolving. What was 'in' a few years ago (think feature walls) may well now be considered passe; so be open to changing your mind and keep your interiors moving with the times  

Here's a step-by-step guide to having a wardrobe in which you can actually find the things to need without scrambling around and taking pot luck as to what turns up

make your home healthy

A healthy home is integral to staying healthy, so it's well worth keeping your space clean and uncluttered

Steel window refurbishment

The key to making wise changes to your home is to assess and plan and then do everything in the most eco-friendly, energy efficient way

They have long been the interior designer's favourite indoor plant - no Kelly Hoppen interior is complete without an arrangement of orchids. And prices have come down considerably, so get 2021 off to a bright, colourful and exotic start with some of these lovely long-lived (fingers crossed) houseplants

Masia in catalonia has been given an eco restoration

This ancient farmhouse, or masía, in Spain's north east region of Catalonia, has been restored by architect Puig-Mir using local materials and a minimalist approach

Luxurious living can be anything you make it - so yes, sustainability absolutely can be at the heart of luxe living. Luxurious design is about achieving a sumptous look using materials that may not always have been associated with the style

Good interior design doesn't have to cost a fortune if you use your discerning eye - ie you don't need a professional to tell you what's good quality from bad, chic from tasteless. But if you do want to improve your home, it makes sense to go about it step by step.