• Cork's long been associated with bottle stops and dull flooring. Not any more: it's the eco-friendly, design-friendly material designers can't get enough of for furniture, homewares and decorative accessories

  • mio culture

    How environmentally friendly is wallpaper? If 'not very' is the answer...which it is.. what products can be used to make our walls green and interesting company? Kay Hill investigates

  • Old tyres can be upcycled into planters

    Once you get your creative thinking cap on you'll be amazed at what you can upcycle

The Old Laboratory building at Wisley opens in March

If gardens are your thing, then head to Wisley in Surrey where among the many attractions is the Old Laboratory - open to the public for the first time in over a century

cob houses date back thousands of years

Need a garden office or a place for your teenagers to hang out? Build your own using the ancient cob's apparently not that hard to do!

They have long been the interior designer's favourite indoor plant - no Kelly Hoppen interior is complete without an arrangement of orchids. And prices have come down considerably, so get autumn off to a bright, colourful and exotic start with some of these lovely long-lived (fingers crossed) houseplants

The Campaign for Wool urges us to celebrate and use wool

It's been a disconcertingly warm October so far, particularly in southern parts of the UK. That said October is Wool Month and the Campaign for Wool is urging us to embrace all things wool from rugs to jumpers to blankets. After all, it will get chillier ..even if our winters ain't what they used to be on the cold front

Harry Villiers, of furniture making brothers Villiers Brothers, took some steel, wood and glass and built an enviable bolt-hole in his Essex garden

Carolyn Russ London artist

If you're in the capital this weekend, head to south east London for a feast of art

Planted at Stourhead in Wiltshire

For a dose of nature and design, head to Planted, which takes place at the magnificent Stourhead in Wiltshire

It's world bee day on 20 May 2023

...not to be confused with a yet-to-be-announced day to celebrate the bidet..World Bee Day serves as a reminder that bees are crucial to our food supply and need our love and protection

The global campaign to tackle climate change plants its flag in Brighton on 29 April. Hear talks and join discussions about the merits of moving to a plant based diet - and if you're after a family fun day out, well it can be that too with a children's play area, live music and comedy