Mediterranean countries should not be complacent and assume the Med won't be affected by a tsunami, says UNESCO

Schmidt recycled kitchen, the Origin collection

French kitchen company Schmidt has unveiled its Origin collection made from 100 per cent recycled wood carcasses and front panels

E waste must be cut

If you have a fridge, or indeed any electrical goods, you need to get rid of, be sure to take your items to a recycling centre. Because it seems we're not getting the message about the need to recycle for a circular economy.

Artisan du Chocolat new bar uses the whole cacao fruit

Chocolate brand Artisan Du Chocolat has launched a bar of dark chocolate made from the entire cacao fruit, with no part of it discarded. 

Climate change is ruining the lives of countless millions already

The UN and exercise app Strava team up to challenge the world to log 100 minutes of physical activity to carry an urgent climate message to world leaders

Edge London is a new showroom dedicated to sustainability in design and build

EDGE is an impressive new showroom dedicated to eco design and build now open in the Marylebone district of cental London

Research from Business Waste UK shows which cities have the best recycling rates

gabon has reduced emissions from forestry activity

Gabon is the first African country to receive payment for cutting its emissions from deforestation and forest degradation