Edge London is a new showroom dedicated to sustainability in design and build

EDGE is an impressive new showroom dedicated to eco design and build now open in the Marylebone district of cental London

Research from Business Waste UK shows which cities have the best recycling rates

gabon has reduced emissions from forestry activity

Gabon is the first African country to receive payment for cutting its emissions from deforestation and forest degradation

If you're holidaying in Scotland this summer, rather than boarding a plane for the Algarve, well, that's green in itself. And you can boost your eco credentials but paying a visit to one of Scotland's low energy but high impact visitor attractions..think wind turbines and power stations

Seedball for hedgehogs

Hedgehog populations have plummeted and Seedball wants us all to scatter some seeds to help reverse their precipitous decline in numbers

give old footy boots away to people who need them

Kids have outgrown their boots but you've not done anything with them? Then take heed of a new campaign: Football Rebooted, led by former England and Premier League goalkeeper David James MBE and smart energy supplier Utilita, aims to see at least a million pairs of used boots recycled by donating them to families who need them


Sofas & Stuff has an Eco Pledge which is meaningful

The furniture maker's Eco Pledge is helping customers source furniture that isn't full of PU foam or that will end up in a landfill site in a few years' time

Ocean plastic is killing sealife

People around the world can take part in a free online course from the newly launched EPIC Academy to learn more about ocean plastic and how to combat it

Ecosia say they've already planted 4 million trees

Fed up of being in thrall to Google? Then switch to Berlin-based search engine Ecosia which donates 80 per cent of profits to environmental good causes