• Dobbies garden full of Meadowmat flowers Easy green gardening

    The garden industry is pretty green already, it's certainly streets ahead of the big supermarkets, particularly when it comes to packaging. But there's no room for complacency and all it takes is for people to read the labels or ask few questions before buying

  • Indigo Ochre wool flatweave gelim by Ptolemy Mann Rugs and runners: an easy way to enhance your home

    For many of us, it's the rug that maketh the room... a beautiful rug adds colour, texture and softness underfoot. We've compiled a variety of designs across the price ranges that will put a spring in our step as we tread through 2024

  • Compost your kitchen peelings and food waste Kitchen compost bins: get composting and grow your own

    ..or at the very least save your food scraps and peelings for your local council to compost. So come on people, make 2024 your greenest year ever, which means getting a counter top bin for the kitchen -  and a garden composter too if you have the space.

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  • Plants for Presents Inspiring ideas - it's the wonderful Deco Christmas gift guide 2023

    From crates of plants and wild flower seeds to shampoo bars, eco throws and glass jars of matches, our guide is the gift that keeps on giving great ideas for tight budgets


dotcomblinds for bifold doors

Blinds offer the best solution for window treatments. They can be eminently affordable, easy to install and they give a smart finished look to all rooms

When it's chilly don't turn up the thermostat - it'll bankrupt you - instead wrap up in a recycled wool blanket to keep warm 

Your main bin can now be lined with a compostable bag thanks to EKO

UK-based homewares company EKO has developed compostable liners for large household bins


Richard Hoppé Antiques

Buying antiques is a great way of furnishing with minimal impact on the environment. And if you're always on the look-out for fascinating one-off pieces, don't miss the Decorative Antiques & Textile Fairs, which running through the year

Low carbon homes exhibition at the Design Museum in London

If/when you're in London, head to the wonderful Design Museum in Kensington for an inspiring free exhibition - How to Build a Low Carbon Home