• lamp with base from used umbrella mechanism Anti: designer lighting from waste material

    The designers at anti love to reuse and recycle - and they've homed in on discarded umbrellas as the base material for their first collection of lamps. Here they explain their ethos

  • Roderick Thackray and Zee West, founders of Algreen Algreen nominated for Earthshot Prize

    London-based start-up Algreen is developing bio-based plastics to replace fossil fuel-derived plastics and it's thrilled to be nominated for a prestigious Earthshot Prize 2024

  • Trex Decking is eco friendly Trex decking: waste made extraordinarily good

    In the US it's become a generic term for decking, though Trex isn't quite so well known on our side of the pond. Yet. But it's wooing us Europeans with its new Trex Contour decking, which is super eco, super hardwearing and super smart

  • To buy or not to buy leather? Is it eco friendly? A tough decision...

    Leather's natural so it's good, right? Well, no, it's not that simple. Leather production remains a dirty business with many industry players still having a long way to go in terms of cleaning up their act. So is 'vegan leather' the answer? Well, no, that can be greenwashed hogwash too!


Don't surreptiously wipe sticky fingers on your clothes...invest a few pounds in some impactful paper napkins that will elevate every mealtime

recycled polyester garden blanket from bluebellgray

Glasgow-based bluebellgray has a produced a gorgeous padded blanket for outdoor use made entirely from post-consumer recycled polyester

Arcana's lovely wraps and blankets are made from recycled cotton

A wrap or blanket is much appreciated on a chilly morning or evening. Arcana's Night Garden and forthcoming Spring Botanical designs have been hand drawn and and are woven in small batches from recycled cotton 


Richard Hoppé Antiques

Buying antiques is a great way of furnishing with minimal impact on the environment. And if you're always on the look-out for fascinating one-off pieces, don't miss the Decorative Antiques & Textile Fairs, which running through the year

Mend it ... the Finns do

A new exhibition at the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum in Helsinki aims to get us all repairing things rather than buying new