• Plants for Presents Inspiring ideas - it's the wonderful Deco Christmas gift guide 2023

    From crates of plants and wild flower seeds to shampoo bars, eco throws and glass jars of matches, our guide is the gift that keeps on giving great ideas for tight budgets

  • Wide plank wooden flooring

    For larger rooms, the wider the planks, the more striking the floor can look. And wood from sustainable forests, or reclaimed wood, are good choices for the eco-minded, nature-loving home-owner

  • ceramic striped baubles made in Cornwall Ceramic baubles for Christmas

    You've got the mugs..now if you want to update the bauble collection you might like to know that British heritage pottery Cornishware has launched its first collection of ceramic mini baubles painted in its trademark stripes

  • Fill your place with pot plants Ideas to make rented flats more personal

    Assuming you can meet the invariably exorbitant rent...lots of us dislike renting because we can can do very little to the accommodation..such as painting it new colours or changing the flooring. But there are things you can do to make a rented place feel more like your home, which don't cost the earth


Newgate clock

Frustrated that you can't keep track of time? the answer is to get a clock on the wall in more rooms in your dwelling. And the good news is there are some stylish models to make time pass very pleasingly indeed.

Poinsettias are perfect for Christmas colour

..and not just for Christmas of course because poinsettias come in many other hues from cream to green to pink. But we tend to buy them as a yuletide tradition and rightly so because they are inject much needed colour at this time of year


Skar candles are made from organic beeswax

 Skär Organics offers the first certified organic, UK-made candles, unfragranced and scented


Alice Hall - Holiday Time oil painting

The Royal Institute of Oil Painters' annual exhibition opens in London, with pieces available to buy in-person and online

Richard Hoppé Antiques

Buying antiques is a great way of furnishing with minimal impact on the environment. And if you're always on the look-out for fascinating one-off pieces, don't miss the Decorative Antiques & Textile Fairs, which running through the year

Low carbon homes exhibition at the Design Museum in London

If/when you're in London, head to the wonderful Design Museum in Kensington for an inspiring free exhibition - How to Build a Low Carbon Home