• Edward Bulmer Natural Paints contain no plastic

    Paints have a big impact on air quality, something that's becoming more of a concern to homeowners. So which manufacturers score highly on great colour, environmental friendliness and quality? 

  • Black panel internal doors from JB Kind

    Doors are easily overlooked and we tend meekly to accept what we inherit when we move into a property. But stylish interior doors can bring impact, cohesiveness and even a quiet grandeur to your home

  • Architectural designer Charlie Luxton

    Architectural designer Charlie Luxton is a zealot for low energy housing. He wants us to ditch the draughts and turn down the thermostat so we live in comfort, save money and save the planet

  • Snug as a bug in a rug? Or are you plagued by draughts and chills up your spine? You need Deco’s guide to a warmer, more eco-friendly home

  • Concept kitchen by German brand Naber is easy to assemble and disassemble without tools

    We Brits have some of the smallest homes in the EU, as builders and developers give us tiny rooms, invariably with no built-in storage. And as buying property remains unaffordable for many so we're going back to being a nation of renters. In which case don't deny yourself good furniture, just make sure it's easy to pack up and take with you when you move. 

  • PaperTale uses blockchain technology

    PaperTale has launched a range of T shirts to showcase its blockchain technology that can empower consumers to drive an environmentally sound and ethical future

  • Dipylon NZ wool rug Floor Story

    For many of us, it's the rug that maketh the room... a beautiful rug adds colour, texture and softness underfoot. We've compiled a variety of designs across the price ranges that will put a spring in your step as we tread..hopefully.. into 2021

  • Faux bougainvillea from oka.com.png

    If your home is looking lacklustre, and you don't have the budget for a major revamp, take heart. Interior designers have tips that are easy to follow, don't cost much and which definitely do make a difference, whether you live in a bedsit or a large house.

  • Lomi sofa Bolia

    Happy birthday to Bolia, which turns 20 this year. For 21st century style with a mid- century modern vibe and terrific eco credentials, it's hard to find a better furniture brand

Exposed wood beams

Exposed wood beams don't need much in the way of day to day maintenance but periodically it makes sense to have them renovated to ensure they'll be doing a grand job in 200 years' time


Here's a step-by-step guide to having a wardrobe in which you can actually find the things to need without scrambling around and taking pot luck as to what turns up

interior designers are a godsend

Good interior design takes skill and practical know-how: so if you haven't got a clue where to start, or feel unclear about what style you're going for, call in an expert to help you make the right decisions and choices 

maintaining a period building means having windows that are in keeping with original architecture

If you have a listed or period building to maintain, you'll know that windows need to be maintained in keeping with the original architecture - so don't rush to uPVC fittings

The Bocci light fitting fills the central atrium

This light and capacious modern house on a sloping plot in Vienna is heated from the ground, full of oak and has a Bocci cascading light fixture as its piece de resistance

They have long been the interior designer's favourite indoor plant - no Kelly Hoppen interior is complete without an arrangement of orchids. And prices have come down considerably, so get 2021 off to a bright, colourful and exotic start with some of these lovely long-lived (fingers crossed) houseplants

bluebellgray has gone from the kitchen table to big time homewares brand in a short space of time. Abby Trow caught up with Fi Douglas, artist, designer, company founder and lover of flowers to find out how she’s coping with success and why her designs have struck such a chord 

solar panels harness the power of the sun

The need for us to switch to renewable sources of energy is urgent because our use of fossil fuels is causing global warming and climate change. We're familiar with the word 'renewables', but that said lots of us still aren't entirely sure what's meant by the term

insulate your roof space

With more of us feeling the effects of climate change - rising temperatures and more extreme weather events - so we know we have to do what we can in our own lives to protect the environment. Crucially we need to ensure our homes are insulated and our appliances are the most energy-efficient models.