Algreen nominated for Earthshot Prize

London-based start-up Algreen is developing bio-based plastics to replace fossil fuel-derived plastics and it's thrilled to be nominated for a prestigious Earthshot Prize 2024

Roderick Thackray and Zee West, founders of Algreen

Algreen, founded by Roderick Thackray and Zee West, hopes to be one of five winners each to receive a £1 million in this year's Earthshot Prize.

Algreen, based at Imperial College Campus is a leading innovator in renewable and sustainable product solutions.

It's been nominated for a 2024 Earthshot Prize - the global awards scheme set up by the Prince of Wales - in recognition of its work to develop bio-based alternatives to oil-based plastics and other fossil-derived materials.

Algreen's nomination comes on the heels of its successful development and commercialisation of biobased polyurethane (PU) across various industries, including cosmetics, fashion, packaging, automotive and medical markets.

Polyurethanes represent eight per cent of the world's plastics and are the sixth largest traded chemicals globally.

Roderick Thackray, CEO of Algreen, says the nomination is an honour: 'It validates our mission to create the most decarbonised and sustainable solutions to replace petrol-based chemicals. Through biotechnology, chemistry and material science, we're not just developing alternatives - we're revolutionising entire industries.'

Algreen's innovative approach uses nature to restore nature, creating adhesives, foams and coatings with regenerative technology that reduces plastic pollution. Its biobased materials can be found in shoe foams, outerwear coatings and even the invisible seams of gym clothes, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional petrochemicals that contribute to microplastics pollution.

Algreen has previously been a winner of the Global Change Award sponsored by the H&M Foundation.