Beko looks at homes in a post pandemic world

The appliance maker has been considering how the covid pandemic might affect our future living spaces

More of us will want to live in rural areas

Called The Age of Nesting, Beko's look into the future suggests the covid experience will make younger people want to set up homes in the suburbs or more rural areas, with homes for work as well as relaxation

Beko's report in collaboration with The Future Laboratory explores the long-term impact of global lockdowns on how we'll live in the near future.
‘The Age of Nesting’ considers how we're likely to adapt in areas such as sociability, hygiene, where we set up home and how we use it. Obviously there's been a huge shift to working from home and more people are choosing to do their exercise at home - buy weights and cancel the gym membership -  and make home the centre of their entertainment - films on Netflix, who goes the cinema any more? You could see it as Not Going Out Very Much. The report outlines trends we can expect to see over the next decade and innovations that will help us tackle problems around hygiene and the environment. 
Rurban Revolution – an exodus from cities will reboot the suburbs and rural areas, and cities will become more human-centric.

Homes  – assuming our housebuilders stop forcing us to live in rabbit hutches, homes need to be office, gym and entertainment hub as well as a place to just live. 

Pandemic-proof Living – concerns about hygiene, wellbeing and immunity will persist and shape the younger generation, with the home of the future viewed as a pandemic-proof space and hyper-hygienic, super-sustainable

Read the full report here