Biodegradable teabags from Dorset Tea

Dorset Tea has joined the no plastic purveyors of the UK's favourite hot beverage with eco teabags that can composted by your friendly neighbourhood local authority

Dorset Tea biodegradable teabags

Dorset Tea has been true to its word and offers a quick way for everyone to enjoy a truly ecofriendly cup of tea without getting the teapot out. So if you lose the will to engage with loose leaf tea, there's a bag you don't have to feel guilty about using.

Dorset Tea teabags, unlike many teabags, contain no plastic at all, so they can be put out with your food waste for the council to collect and turn into compost.

The teabags are made from plant-based, heat sealable paper, and while you shouldn't throw them on your garden compost heap, local authority plants have the equipment to shred the paper, so to speak, allowing for it to join all the other delicious compost ingredients it collects (coffee grinds, food scraps, veg peelings, fishbones....)

Dorset Tea, which has been collaborating with the Marine Conservation Society packaging is 100 per cent recyclable.

PG Tips also offers biodegradable teabags.