British mattress-maker Harrison Spinks to go foam and glue free

Leeds-based family run business Harrison Spinks is committed to further improving its sustainability by cutting out use of synthetics foams and glues in its products

Harrison Spinks is a renowned British mattress manufacturer

Founded in 1840, Harrison Spinks is one of the UK's leading bed makers. It manufactures under the Harrison, Somnus and Spink & Edgar brands and is one of the most vertically- integrated bed manufacturers, from drawing its own wire for its spring technology to growing natural fillings on its own farm in Yorkshire. Both the spring technology and in-house production of natural fillings have been recognised with five Queen's Awards for Enterprise in Innovation, Sustainable Development and International Trade. 

Harrison Spinks has committed to a foam and glue-free future for all mattresses going into development, a significant milestone for the 179-year-old family-run business. The decision comes as concern is growing about the use of fossil-fuel-derived foams in the furniture industry, which have to be treated with chemical fire retardants known to affect human health. 


Company MD Simon Spinks says the bed industry must address its environmental impact, because millions of foam-filled mattresses end up in landfill every year. 'We’ve been relentless in looking for more sustainable ways of working so we can look after our planet for future generations. It is for this reason we have made the pledge not to develop any new mattresses containing foam or glue and to eliminate foam from any existing product by the end of 2020.




MD Simon Spinks, who, like Mary, does of course have a little lamb

'Because of the dangers of foam (it does not biodegrade) we use sustainable fillings and grow nearly 800 tonnes of natural fibre fillings for our mattresses each year. By farming our own materials and manufacturing our own components we're able to save more than 1,300 tonnes of CO2 every year.  

'Later this year we will launch a fully sustainable, glue-free spring system which will be a global first. This means we can produce a mattress that is 100 per cent recyclable and we can help reduce some of the 7.5 million beds that end up in landfill annually. This will revolutionise the industry as we know it. We’re committed to doing the right thing for a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable future.'

Harrison Spinks has its own farm where it rears sheep and grows hemp to make natural mattress fillings and it owns a sustainable forest to provide wood for its divans. The Leeds-based company, which employs more than 600 people, makes its own spring wire as well as constructing the machines which produce the springs.   

And with seven weaving looms at its Leeds HQ, the company produces its own viscose mattress tick for the sleeping surface; the tick is inherently fire retardant and requires no chemical treatment to meet UK flame retardant regulations.