Cyclamens for winter garden delight

Lots of us tend to think flowers grow in the garden only from spring to early autumn. But we're forgetting our winter friend the cyclamen, which grows in myriad colours and comes in different sizes too. 

Cyclamens are hardy for winter flowering

Fill your outdoor containers and flower beds with cyclamens and enjoy the colour they provide through the winter months.
Picture: Sarah Raven

Cyclamens are inexpensive, abundant and they can make winter a flowering success. The Royal Horticultural Association (RHA)  describes cyclamens as 'a delightful tuberous perennial providing colour often when little else is flowering, particularly in late winter or early spring.'

Grow them in shadier spots - they don't like full sunshine - and don't let their soil become too dry and they'll keep on flowering month after month. They're great in window boxes and containers too, and work well planted with snowdrops, winter aconites (Eranthis hyemalis) and primroses.