Fans for fans of quiet fans

UK summer weather is so darn hot it's impossible to function without a fan. But lots of them are deafeningly loud, so those nice quiet people at Quiet Mark have highlighted fans that won't keep you awake at night

By Noah Dugall
Meaco's 1056 Air Circulator

Pictured above: Meaco's 1056 Air Circulator
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Quiet Mark is an organisation that works with manufacturers to get them to engineer quietness into their products. And if there's one thing everyone says would be less annoying if it were quieter, it's the fan, now crucial to getting through a British summer. So if you want to be quietly cool, we bring you their suggestions from brands Meaco, Dimplex and NSAuk.

And should you be all out of electricity and batteries, there's the good old fashioned way to keep cool - a hand-held fan.

Dimplex DXRCF 5 watt rechargeable cooling fan - ideal for desks, £29.99
NSAuk TRFDEC-50RC rechargeable column fan, £199.99
NSAuk SFDC-4091RC'i pedestal fan with DC motor, £129.50
Bolga hand held fan...made in Ghana from straw, £25 at Lola & Mawu