Golfing event in China bans single use plastic bottles

The Volvo China Open Golf Tournament in Shenzhen used refill water stations throughout the venue for players and visitors, saving some 40,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or in the sea

no single use plastic water bottles were sold at the golf tournament

Normally more than 41,000 single-use plastic bottles would be sold during the tournament, so the ban saved this number of bottles from polluting oceans, landfill sites and natural environments. It was the first-ever ban on the sale of single-use plastic bottles at major Chinese golfing tournament. Beverage brand Bluewater installed drinking water units throughout the venue so people could fill their own bottles or cups

The 2023 Volvo China Open golf tournament held at the Shenzhen Hidden Grace Golf Club went ahead for the first time in its 27 year history without selling any single-use plastic bottles of water.  

Around 17 Bluewater water dispensing stations were installed across the venue to provide complementary drinking water to players, tens of thousands of fans and staff. Harnessing Bluewater’s SuperiorOsmosisTM technology, the stations served purified water free of known contaminants, including toxic metals and chemicals.

Zhao Qin, chairwoman of the Volvo China Open, said that the engagement with Bluewater 'sets a new standard for protection the environment, which we intend to keep doing at future events.' Both Volvo and Bluewater are Swedish companies.