Matchbox cars go eco

You probably had them when you were a kid and if you're now buying them for your children, well it's good to know Matchbox is making tiny E-vehicles from recycled and recyclable plastic or bio-based plastic as well as metal

Matchbox cars have gone all sustainable

Matchbox cars were traditionally made from metal and they probably weren't thrown away that much to be honest, because loads of us liked to collect and keep them into adulthood. But to be more in keeping with the drive..ho reduce emissions and the push to change to electric vehicles, Matchbox owner Mattel has enjoyed success with its Tesla Roadster, its first die-cast toy electric car made from 99 per cent recycled materials and certified carbon neutral. The car is made from 62.1 per cent recycled zinc, one per cent stainless steel and 36.9 per cent recycled plastic. Other electric vehicle & hybrid 5 cars that are part of the new collection include the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius and BMWs i3 & i8, as well as two electric charging playset stations. Internal combustion engine.. what the hell was that mum?