Plant Based Treaty comes to Brighton

The global campaign to tackle climate change plants its flag in Brighton on 29 April. Hear talks and join discussions about the merits of moving to a plant based diet - and if you're after a family fun day out, well it can be that too with a children's play area, live music and comedy 

Meat production is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, so switching to a far more plant based diet is becoming an urgent issue, climate scientists assert

The Plant Based Treaty, a global campaign tackling climate change, arrives in Brighton on Saturday April 29th to present a series of panels and discussions aimed at initiating action to help mitigate the climate crisis. And key to its drive is to encourage us to switchi to plant-based food systems as a matter of urgency.

With successes to date in persuading local councils including Norwich, Haywards Heath, Edinburgh, Oxford & Exeter to endorse the Treaty, the Plant Based Treaty is working hard to make push more local government, the Prison Service and the NHS and other corporations to endorse the Plant Based Treaty and make vegan food the norm.

The day long series of six panels focuses on areas including should we the UK introduce a meat tax, as well as a discussion on community campaigning and individual action. The role of media on reporting on animal agriculture is closely examined, as well as how we can restore our countryside and urban areas with a focus on environmental restoration, reforestation and ecosystem recovery.. The question as to why we need a Plant Based Treaty is examined in some detail, as is the current 'Cities' Campaign (which  includes Los Angeles, a recent endorser) and how this can be such an asset in the transition to plant based systems.

Hosted by Robbie Lockie from Plant Based News, the panels comprise experts including Keith Lesser from Vegan Accountants, Rebecca Ahimsa- Rae from Garden Guardians, Kerri Waters from Viva! Farming, Piers Warren from Vegan Organic Network, and Green Party Councillor Dr Ricard Nicholson.

The event is free  and you can book tickets in advance. The Plant Based Treaty is part of the UK's biggest indoor vegan exhibition this spring, VegfestUK Brighton 2023, which see 140 exhibitors and 70 talks and presentations across two days at The Brighton Centre.