Plant clinic - keeping your plants fighting fit

If you want to know how you can stop your plants from wilting or generally pegging out on you, plant food maker Miracle Gro is offering you online Q&As with garden expert Kate Turner 

keep plants healthy with care and attention

Have questions about your plants/garden for gardening expert Kate Turner? Join her online between 29 March - 1 April for a 20-minute session that should leave you feeling much more green fingered.

Keep plants in full bloom is never that easy... despite our best efforts, plants can all too easily get out of shape. So if you want to learn how to care for them, Miracle-Gro is offering free virtual Plant Clinic appointments with gardening expert Kate Turner.

Kate appears on ITV’s Love Your Garden, BBC’s Garden Rescue and is a horticultural tutor at The Therapy Garden, to name a few of her jobs. The Plant Clinic is open from Monday 29th March - Thursday 1st April, giving you the opportunity to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan for your gardening needs.

Each day of the Plant Clinic will have its own plant-specialism

Plant Parenthood, Monday 29th March: Whether it’s your first-time gardening and you’re not sure where to start, or you’re going to grow your fruit and veg crop from seed this year, Kate can answer all your questions and give you lots of tips.
Nutritious Growing, Tuesday 30th March: The second day of the plant clinic is dedicated to all of your grow-your-own needs. Kate will be able to give advice on the best ways to grow your own fruit and veg and diagnose problems that you might have encountered. If your tomatoes caught blight last year or your courgettes didn’t flower, make sure they thrive this year by booking in with Kate.
Showstoppers, Wednesday 31st March: Some plants are just for show, so get yours looking their absolute best this season. The Plant Clinic is open for anything from how to grow stunning roses and ornamental flowers, to bold, beautiful houseplants that need a little bit of help. Kate can guide you to enjoy your own flower show.
GP (General Plant) Surgery, Thursday 1st April: If your needs don’t fit within one of the above, or you’re just looking for general gardening advice, then book in a GP appointment with Kate for a check-up.

Note, these topics are just guidance, feel free to ask whatever questions you have concerning plants/gardens. 

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