Plastic-free compostable bin liners

UK-based homewares company EKO has developed compostable liners for large household bins

Your main bin can now be lined with a compostable bag thanks to EKO

If you've long been searching for compostable bin bags, well they're here!

EKO has developed new, large fully compostable bags for household bins.

The bags have years in development to ensure the product is strong enough for non-recyclable household rubbish, yet will completely decompose once it leaves the home.

We're all familiar with the cornstarch compostable bags that line counter top food waste bins and many people have long been asking for larger versions for their main kitchen bin. EKO took up the challenge and now offers plastic-free bin bags that will break down in 180 days.They are certified to European and international standards with the Seedling logo.

The bags are available from this month - September.

Sizes and prices

25-35 Litres £8.99 (12 bags per pack)

Also available: 3-6 Litres £4.99 (20 bags per pack)

Available from at EKO Home ( and John Lewis