Stainless steel: the most eco friendly material for a kitchen?

Stainless steel is seen by many as being too clinical for a home kitchen. It's also pretty pricey and worktops are susceptible to scratches. But.. stainless steel is supremely hard wearing, it can look sleek and modern and it's 100 per cent recyclable

You probably don't have a kitchen this size.. but fantasise for a moment. The architect owners of this fabulous apartment in Stockholm chose a bespoke stainless steel kitchen because they wanted a kitchen that would last for decades, that was eco-friendly (most steel contains at least 40 per cent recycled content) and 100 per cent recyclable. The Ego kitchen by Italian manufacturer Abimis was their choice because it has rounded doors, which soften the look, and give a subtle '50s retro vibe. London interior designer Paul Warren says the key to making a stainless steel kitchen 'not feel like a mortuary is to have lots of characterful, warm materials in the room with it, such as wood and leather, as this kitchen does.' For most normal folks in rabbit hutch UK homes a stainless steel worktop is a way to bring the material into your home, and don't forget freestanding butcher's blocks as some are made with a stainless steel as opposed to a wooden top. Abimis kitchens are made to measure, prices on application. Brace yourself...

Abimis meets industrial meets retro
Abimis kitchens are bespoke
A very beautiful stainless steel kitchen
Abimis kitchens are made to last forever