Tree house holidays

If you prefer warm rather than boiling hot weather, early autumn is a good month to take a break. And if you want an eco holiday, then a tree house is perfect. Especially if it's in the South of France and has a natural pool to swim in


Orion Treehouses in the south of France are very eco

Orion Tree Houses on the French Riviera offer simple living without having to rough it. Pictured above: treehouse occupants have a lovely natural pool for swimming



Treehouses have been having more than a moment... they seen to on everyone's wishlist -  no doubt because they offer a sense of magic and adventure while being in and at one with la belle nature.

For francophiles who want an eco holiday with comfort and elegance, Orion Tree Houses could be the answer. It's a B&B guest-house resort in the delightful valley of the medieval village of Saint-Paul de Vence. Enjoy cosy cabin living, while the gardens are very beautiful, with a natural pool for swimming.

Rest and relaxation guaranteed and additional amenities include a sauna.  

A lovely bedroom
Treehouses are pretty comfortable