Wool month 2023

It's been a disconcertingly warm October so far, particularly in southern parts of the UK. That said October is Wool Month and the Campaign for Wool is urging us to embrace all things wool from rugs to jumpers to blankets. After all, it will get chillier ..even if our winters ain't what they used to be on the cold front

The Campaign for Wool urges us to celebrate and use wool

https://www.campaignforwool.orgWool is a good material because it's natural and renewable. It's not particularly cheap once in product form and environmental campaigners say methane emissions from sheep are a major contributor to global warming. But as we do presently consume lamb meat and no government is advocating a cull of sheep, it makes sense to use their fleeces in our daily lives.

It's easy to overlook wool when the weather's been so warm. But wool is a natural, renewable, hardwearing fibre that deserves to be championed, particularly if the wool you buy is sourced from British sheep breeds and small family-owned businesses. The Campaign for Wool, set by in 2010 by the then Prince of Wales, aims to remind us all that wool is great for clothing, interior accessories and as an insulation material - so at a time when energy costs are high, wool can come to the rescue in the form of big jumpers and coats, carpets, curtains and throws.