Rugs and runners: an easy way to enhance your home

Find lovely rugs for your home, at all prices. Choose wool/jute/linen rugs as these are sustainable material. And depending on the backing used for of these rugs will be biodegradable. Find great rugs at Roger Oates, Jennifer Manners, Ptolomy Mann, Nani Marquina and Gandia Blasco, as well as British designer Anna V

Wide plank wooden flooring

Wood from sustainable sources, ideally FSC or PEFC certified, is a good flooring material for eco-friendly homeowners.  Wide planks can be sourced at Element7, Siberian Floors, The Natural Wood Floor Company and Ecora.

Choose an eco-friendly carpet

choose carpets that last for decades, choose natural fibres, avoided plastic backing materials. And choose eco friendly felt wool underlay. carpets must be sustainable, eco friendly, hardwearing, from renewable sources

Review: Lupe Pure cordless vacuum cleaner

I've been trialling the Lupe cordless cleaner for two months and I will say that our flat has never had such uncrumby, unmuddy, undusty floors. It is a very good machine. But that should go without saying given its cost.

Focus on: Bio resin poured floors

Choosing a floor for your home can be surprisingly difficult. There’s carpet, wood, stone, ceramic tile, vinyl and resilient flooring...but for those who want an easy maintence smooth floor that doesn’t have joins, and which has strong eco credentials, enter the bio resin poured floor.

This material - which can also be used on walls - is poured to a depth of just 4mm and offers a seamless floor that can flow from room to room. Sweep it and wash it regularly (but use a non soap cleaner) and it’ll reward you with many years’ service. 

Top 4 solutions to make your home more green 

For most of us, it's a mixture of self-interest and altruism that's driving us to make eco-friendly choices in how we live. Perhaps we want to upgrade our homes to reduce our monthly utility bills, or eat less red meat to be healthier... whatever the reason it's hard to conclude that carrying on as if climate change isn't happening is a good move. But you don't have to be an eco warrior to be eco friendly, just start with a few small steps, includin these four top solutions: 

1. Insulate to reduce heat loss