Air for Life air purifier

Here at Decomag we've been using the Air for Life mini sanifier...aka an air purifier. It's a difficult product to review because you can't see any difference in the air... nonetheless we'll be very sad to return it 

Air for Life mini sanifier

We're not scientists and we don't have any equipment to test whether claims are true...that said we have become addicted to the Air for Life mini sanifier. We take the makers at their word that the air is pure and clean in a room when the sanifier has been on for an hour. It is 'a revolutionary, energy efficient technology that fights impurities by cleaning and sanitising the air and surfaces in areas of up to 330 sq.ft.'

Air for Life says its air purifiers use Nasa technology to clean the air in your home or office. We have been trialling a mini sanifier, which is a compact 15.5x11cm unit that sits on any surface. Plug it in, switch it on and it will, say the makers, clean your air.

We're thrilled to have it and when the X is blue we feel all is clean and Alpine fresh. It's very portable so if you feel you have stale air in a room, take the sanifier to it and you'll feel better about using the space thereafter. 

Obviously there is nothing reviewable in the sense that we can't take before and after photos .... but there is plenty of literature supporting the value of air purifiers for the home.

This is what the manufacturer says about the mini sanifier:

The technologies in every Air For Life product are adapted from the NASA technology originally created for the Mars Rover 2020 mission.
The technology we have developed over the past 15 years has allowed us to create one of the smallest yet most powerful ioniser by using nanotechnology to improve the quality of life for millions of people globally.

There are two types of technologies incorporated into our products – the AFLPCO® and the AFL PLASMA®. ....'

(Read the technical data on the website.)

Back to our experience of the mini purifier. We love it's lightweightness, compactness and portability, it's easy to read - the X on the front scrolls through red, green and blue and when it's blue your air is super clean, and we really like what we're told it's doing for our indoor air quality.

One thing - and it's not a complaint - but the mini sanifier is not silent. It's not noisy either, but you know it's when it's on.

Air for Life mini sanifier £299.99