Product reviews

Review: Lupe Pure cordless vacuum cleaner

I've been trialling the Lupe cordless cleaner for two months and I will say that our flat has never had such uncrumby, unmuddy, undusty floors. It is a very good machine. But that should go without saying given its cost.

Cordless vacuum cleaners: Gtech AirRam Mk2

We tested the original Gtech cordless vacuum cleaner soon after it was launched (when back when in 2013!) and as we said at the time, it's a good machine for quick clean-ups. On the downside it was noisy, didn't get close in to the edges of skirting boards and kick plates and I also felt it was better on carpet than on hard floors.

Nonetheless I wasn't expecting any significant changes when we were given the Mk2 upright and the hand-held Gtech Multi to test...possibly a bit of new styling, a little more horsepower so to speak.