Anti bacterial treatment for natural stone

Italian producer of natural stone Antolini says it's developed a new eco friendly surface treatment that prevents the formation and spread of germs

Anti bac treatment for stone from Antonlini

Who needs a plate... Antolini has developed Azerobact plus, a 'revolutionary' antibacterial treatment for natural stone. The company says it will help keep interior environments clean and safe as it prevents germs from forming and spreading. •Azerobact Plus has been patented 

Stone producer Antolini has developed and patented an 'exclusive process capable of increasing the performance of its natural stones, making them healthier and more hygienic.'

Azerobact® plus is, the company says, suitable for all natural stones, creating an antibacterial surface on the material which inhibits the formation and proliferation of bacteria, thereby contributing to cleaner, healthier interiors. 

The treatment does not affect the colour or any particular properties of the stone it's applied to.  Azerbact is manufactured at Antolini’s production facility. Stones treated with it are easy to clean with water, neutral soap and a damp non abrasive cloth.