Sustainability design and construction showroom opens in London

If we're to meet our net zero goals, our towns and cities must use far more sustainable materials than concrete and glass. So whether your project is small or large, domestic or contract, sustainability must be at its core as much as aesthetics - which is where the new Edge showroom can help. The approx 2,400 sq ft space covers three floors showcasing the latest green building materials and products, with collaborative workspaces and expert staff on hand to advise professionals and members of the public alike. 

Best cities for recycling

Top 15 greenest cities in the world, based on recycling rates:
1. Vancouver - Canada’s shining jewel when it comes to recycling, the city of Vancouver has increased its rate from 40 to over 60 per cent in just over a decade, with a goal of 80 per cent. The city does this by making recycling part of the circular economy and innovative schemes that reward businesses which upcycle or reuse materials.

Gabon receives payments for cutting emissions

The first payment to Gabon is part of the breakthrough agreement between the west African country and the multi-donor UN-hosted Central African Forest Initiative’s (CAFI) in 2019 for a total of $150 million over 10 years.  

After independent experts verified Gabon's results from reduced deforestation and forest degradation caused by forestry activities, the payment of $17 million has been made, which rewards Gabon's reductions in 2016-17, compared to annual emission levels from 2006-15.

Grow wild flowers for hedgehogs

Non-profit wildflower specialist Seedball has teamed up with People’s Trust for Endangered Species to develop a wildflower seed mix that will yield flowers with hedgehog appeal. It's easy to do your bit to develop hedgehog-friendly habitats by scattering Seedball's little clay balls over you garden. 

Football Rebooted: reuse and recycle football boots

If your kids were into football during their childhood and teens, they'll have got through a fair few pairs of boots. Lots of us keep meaning to do something with them but they just pile up and we push them to the back of a cupboard. Which is mad because kids outgrow their boots before the boot is worn, meaning there are millions of pairs of football boots in excellent condition in homes up and down the land.

Ocean Legacy Foundation launches EPIC Academy

Ocean Legacy Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization that develops and implements worldwide plastic pollution emergency response programs, with the aim of ending ocean microplastic pollution. To coincide with Earth Day, it's launching EPIC Academy, a free online educational platform providing communities around the world with essential knowledge regarding ocean plastic pollution.

Ecosia - the tree planting search engine

You may be among its users, but if you haven't heard about it, Ecosia is an eco-friendly search engine that donates profits to tree planting in Africa.

IKEA opens its first ever second-hand shop

IKEA's first second-hand store is being run by the existing IKEA Västerås store that will provide furniture and home furnishing accessories which for different reasons have been damaged. At ReTuna they will be repaired and sold on.

The collaboration with ReTuna (put all thoughts of tinned fish out of your mind) will help IKEA understand why some of its products are turned into waste, what condition they're in when people discard them and why people choose to donate or recycle products. And of course to see if there's consumer demand for second-hand/repaired items.